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Stage Ready Dance and Drama

Dance and Drama lessons for kids ages 4-16 

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Solo, Duo, Trio Information

Solo/Duo/Trio lessons are offered for all current students enrolled in teams

All stage Ready students are welcome to and encouraged to do solos. They must be enrolled in a team, and particpate in team lessons, to be able to do a solo or duo

Solo/Duo/Trio can go into competitions (organised through their teacher at additional cost) or perform in concerts.

Styles/music choice will be determined in negotiation with child/rens interest.

Adult supervision at competitions is the full responsibility of each family.

Coaches will attend the competition and put your child on stage at your request.* Subject to coach availability. A "thank you" payment of $30 is required to be paid to the coach for their time/transport on comp day. 

Costume style and cost will be negotiated on an individual basis from $25. Some hire options are available at $15 per costume, per competition.

Lessons must be paid for 2 weeks in advance at all times. 

Competition entry fees need to be paid prior to us entering your child. Many competitions sell out within minutes, we will always do our best to get entries in whenever we can, and will refund competition fees if we are unsuccessful.

Solo lesson costs

Miss Maddi $30 per half hour lesson, $45 per hour, minimum 5 lessons.

Miss Tatiana $30 per half hour lesson, $45 per hour, minimum of 5 lessons.

Miss Paige, Miss Chelsea, Miss Ava-Rose $15 per half hour lesson, minimum of 6 lessons.

Lessons price includes studio hire costs. 

Competition entry fees - to be discussed with families before committing.

$30 Thank you fee for the coach/teacher who attends each competition to put your child on stage. This is for their time in attending the competition for your child.They do not work for free.

Lessons are subject to availability.